Mental health and depression is a significant issue for rural families as they struggle through the unknown term of this drought.

Supporting the spirit of the small rural communities at the centre of these drought affected areas is critical. It is these communities that create social events where people come together, support each other, maybe play a little sport but generally collectively lift each other’s spirits.

'Beat the Breakdown' offer a line of support to rural families in areas of their lives that are affected as a flow on from the financial hardships brought about by the drought and an area that is far less visible, mental health and depression.

Beat the Breakdown was established to foster the conversation about mental health and suicide within our daily exchanges. At this time, it is imperative to raise awareness on how each individual can make an impact in this space. We have the ability to work together, showing compassion, understanding and empathy in assisting those in our community that are vulnerable and in need of help. Moving forward, Beat the Breakdown is determined to make a bigger contribution to eradicating Suicide as a major health issue globally. As a community we can work together to achieve the eradication of suicide as a major health issue globally.

To do that, we must Beat the Breakdown!

Our objective is to bring organisations and individuals together to raise money – to raise the spirits (and the mental health) of small rural communities. The aim is to donate at least $1,000 to as many small communities as possible – let’s start at a minimum of twenty but why don’t we see just how far we can spread this effect.

Over the course of a weekend we'll be riding 300km through bush country and will be asking each rider to not only to commit to raising at least $1,000 but also to cover the cost of their accommodation and food through a registration fee, all of which will be spent in the rural communities. With a goal target of thirty riders, that’s at least thirty communities that we can support.